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Purchasing a home is the largest investment most families ever make. Real estate is a fast-moving and highly detailed business where even small errors can have huge consequences for buyers, sellers, and lenders.

Don't put your real estate deal at risk. Contact an experienced Louisville real estate lawyer at Ackerson & Yann for thorough and effective representation in all residential real estate matters, including:

• Closings
• Zoning
• Leases
• Construction matters (including mechanics lien enforcement)
• Tax matters (including tax free exchanges)
• Landlord - tenant matters
• Foreclosures and loan workouts
• Negotiation and preparation of purchase contracts
• First and second mortgage title examinations and opinions
• Title insurance policies

We represent residential real estate clients throughout Kentucky, as well as those from other areas with real estate interests in the Bluegrass State.

Our firm is large enough to handle even the most complex real estate deal, yet we remain committed to providing all of our clients with the personal attention they deserve.
We also act as a title agent for regional and national title insurance companies.

When you retain Ackerson & Yann, you will put the strength of our substantial real estate experience on your side. Your attorney will be personally involved in all aspects of your transaction and be present at the real estate closing. We're known for our promptness, attention to detail, and thorough knowledge of real estate law and financing.

When it's important enough to hire an attorney, it's important enough to hire one of the best. Contact a Louisville real estate attorney at Ackerson & Yann today.