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Ackerson & Yann offers experienced and cost-effective legal representation in a broad spectrum of banking and finance law. Whether you are a borrower or a lender in a secured or unsecured loan transaction, you can rely on our banking and finance law lawyers for efficient, personal, and knowledgeable legal work.

Our clients include borrowers, lenders, commercial banks, life insurance companies, thrift institutions, credit unions, and mortgage bankers. Our services include transactional matters, regulatory matters, and litigation. From loan origination to debt collection, our law firm has the resources and experience required to help you achieve your objectives.

Ackerson & Yann is an issuing agent for a number of title insurance companies.

Banking and finance areas of practice include:
• Commercial and residential real estate and asset based loan closings
• Bankruptcy issues
• Collections
• Commercial and residential collateral foreclosures and loan workouts
• Commercial leases
• Creditors' rights
• Title examinations, title insurance and legal opinions
• Regulatory matters
• Replevins
• Wills, trusts, and estate planning and administration
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